The perfect team — 

McReynolds Woodworking wouldn't be anything without the hard working men and women who invest themselves into the craft. 

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Tom McReynolds, Owner

Picking up his first blockplane at the age of 17, Tom has breathed woodworking for most of his life and is the beating heart of the shop. When it comes to designing your project the depth of his experience will be invaluable.

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Ben McReynolds, Shop Foreman

Ben has been with the business more or less since birth. He is the rudder of the shop. Guiding and inspiring the men and materials. 


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Eric Furrer, Installation Chief

Eric has been with us since 2002 and has worked from sanding doors to managing the Door Department, Finishing Department, and is now our Chief Installer. Chances are you will have the opportunity of working with him by the end of the project.